Ready to ship list

Items on this list are ready to ship and will be dispatched to you within a few working days. As items on this list are already made they cannot be custom sized. Please ensure you order the correct variant of thong/brief/bikini that is available for the item that you are ordering from the ready to ship list. Please double check the list just before ordering to ensure the item is still available on the ready to ship list. Gift cards are also now available.

Short Willow Hollywood robe size XS-XL

Ready to ship size - XS

Florence sheer robe

Ophelia sheer robe

Ophelia bodysuit thong

Ophelia slip

Ophelia Frill suspender belt

Ophelia suspender belt

Ophelia night and lingerie set thong

Ophelia night and lingerie set briefs

Ophelia bralette

Ophelia thong

Ophelia babydoll set

Willow corset 


Ready to ship size - S

Naomi night and lingerie set thong

Naomi night and lingerie set briefs

Naomi bodysuit thong

Ophelia sheer robe

Ophelia slip

Eleanor one piece

Lola bralette

Lola thong

Lyra bodysuit thong

Lyra babydoll and thong set

Lyra suspender belt

Lyra briefs lingerie set

Willow slip

Willow plunge bodysuit thong

Willow high waisted thong

Natalie bodysuit thong

Scarlett bodysuit thong

Florence sheer robe 

Ready to ship size - M

Aster bodysuit thong

Isabelle bralette

Isabelle thong

Lyra corset

Eden night and lingerie set thong 

Ready to ship size - L

Eleanor bodysuit thong

Ella Bralette  

Ready to ship size - XL

Eleanor night set


Ready to ship size - 2XL

Sapphire night set